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2010 International 7300 4x4 CREW CAB FLATBED ONLY 43K MILES Overland build ready!!

This is a 2010 International 7300 4x4 Crew Cab truck in great condition with a International DT466 and a Allison Automatic transmission, like new deep tread tires, AC, push button 4 High, push button 4 low, push button 2 low, push button rear locking diff, air cab, air seats, air brakes, heated mirrors, and only 43k original miles. Truck is located in Scottsdale AZ. Delivery is available for around $1.60 a mile from 85260.


Power Commercial Truck
Brandon Larson
office 480-744-1561
cell 206-225-6611
Derrick4eal Silos : Phone number
CRM6718 : did you sell this already?
Dave Todd : Dream truck!! Perfect.
Matthew Smith : No practical use for it, but I want it. Is thst weird?
Power Commercial Truck : Yeah this one went up to Canada.

Unboxing Accuphase P 7300

Unboxing Accuphase P 7300
Bob Outélama : 125w RMS Leistung bei 8 Ohms. +10K Euros.
motorcitydeadman : 32k for the p-7300 here in
the us...ridiculous! what does that extra 21k get you? sex with the most
beautiful woman in the world? come on, great amp, but a complete
ripoff...you can get this from price japan for 11-12k. lol
ccwenda : how much is it?
tchappy ha : This guy is unboxing specialist.
overijse muenster : Gerät für einen zweistelligen Tausenderbetrag mit einem Stromkabel für 20 Euro geliefert. Herrlich.

Icom IC-7300 Review - After Two Years

** Update 3/1/2021** With the new firmware upgrade, my biggest two criticisms/wishes for the 7300 have been added and I'm thrilled! In this video when I talk about the scope/waterfall view being able to be improved upon, Icom rocked out the new scope band edges and scroll feature. My only other suggestion for improvement was for presets, and Icom added a place for that too! **

If you are new to Ham Radio and unsure if the Icom 7300 is the right radio to start with, this video is for you. The IC-7300 was my very first radio, and after putting it to work for two full years, I finally decided to give it a review.

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Craig Nessel : Great review. I’ve been a ham for about six years now and have bought several secondhand rigs during that time. I just ordered a 7300 brand new and am very much looking forward to receiving it.
scott miller : I am also a new ham and am planning on getting a 7300 next month. Thank you for the review, it was helpful in my decision to buy a 7300. What power supply do you use at home and how do you power your 7300 in the field?
Tim Sul : Hey Drew,
Good video, I'm contemplating getting the 7300 also. Been watching videos on it and the Yaesu DX-10. I already have the Icom 7100 and enjoy using it but there's something about having a dedicated HF rig, or dedicated VHF / UHF rig. It's been my experience that a "shack in the box" will be better, or worse, on one band or the other. Don't get me wrong, all mode radios aren't bad and are convenient and do the job but IMO there's just something to be said for a dedicated radio. For that reason the Icom 9700 would be a great companion for the 7300, but an all mode radio would probably be cheaper than the combo.
I've heard that the 7300 receiver is lacking. What do you think?
Also on the zoom feature you spoke of, I think Icom's main reason for that was to quickly change bands to that magnified frequency. After you tap it, tap it again and the receiver will go to that frequency. You might have to fine tune but it will definitely put you in the area, at least that's what I've read. Correct me if I'm wrong cause I don't have hands on experience with the radio.
Thanks again for the video and welcome to Ham Radio.
Tim, KR4AZ.
EI3IXB David Gardiner : Great video. Licensed 18 months and this was my first rig and it’s terrific. Just upgraded to v1.4 and it has a new feature with FT8 settings saved. One other plus is the RTTY decoder and macros built it.
Dave G : Hi. Thanks very much for that as Ive not been operating for quite a few years and thinking of going back on and thinking of getting the 7300. You mention the software update, do you please know the latest update number version? Thanks again. Dave..G4MCL...Manchester..UK.




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